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Thread: 9800 GTX Has Been Released

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    9800 GTX Has Been Released

    Re: 9800 gtx has arrived

    Quote Originally Posted by Syrringe
    Quote Originally Posted by MaKe_OuT_33
    i think syrr is just showing that the product is out, he probably didnt buy it...did you syrr?
    BINGO..looks like make out is the only who took his vitamins...LOL

    I probably will buy a pair of these when they drop to the 289 range.
    im the best

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    expert l4d 1 or l4d2 3 players needed

    i have been unable to complete any campagin from either games on expert willing for anyone to help me do runs through any campaign at 3 people needed u can message meet on my xbox acc (dat jamacian) or on this cheers

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    add me and i'll help you out when i'm on. i've only got two maps done on expert (i don't remember which ones they were since it was a year or two ago when i did them), so i need to finish them up for the achievement as well. my GT is sk8rmike.

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