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Thread: New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards!

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    New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards!
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    New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards!

    New WHQL-certified version 175.16 ForceWare reference drivers are now available for NVIDIA GeForce accelerators are available from nVidia. grab them while they're hot!

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    New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards! New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards!
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    Re: New WHQL-certified drivers for nVidia cards!

    Quote Originally Posted by ...bigdog... View Post
    If turd fergusons want to troll their lives away, that's the world's problem. Go read the comments section, or any comments section, anywhere. All of the big threads are going to be the crazy people saying stupid shit.

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    I actually haven't heard that one before

    It was just another game of Versus. We were on The Parish 2, Survivors first. We move to the gazebo and a Tank spawns. We end up setting it on fire and killing it. He put up a good fight, but we made it out with pretty good health. After the Tank died I got an invite to an Xbox LIVE party from someone on the other team.

    I obviously didn't join. Soon after that they called a bunch of votes to return to lobby. We weren't going to play through that so we went back. I went into game chat, he called me, I said, "what's the problem?", and he told me, "you are modding your system to increase your sensitivity".

    ... Lol what? I told him I have my sensitivity on the default settings and he ended up leaving soon after but my friend kept getting messages from him about it(not sure why he was getting them but whatever).

    I didn't know people even did that. I know the max sensitivity isn't very fast compared to a 10 on CoD, but does it matter? I say if a person wanted to have higher sensitivity let them. I'm guessing he thought I was cheating and didn't have anything else to go off of except that my aim is good. Even then, a high sensitivity doesn't imply good aim.

    What's the most ridiculous claim you've heard?

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    The most ridiculous claim I've heard was that I was a faggot when I beat somebody in a game of versus. I'm pretty sure my sexuality has nothing to do with my skill in the game.

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    - joins survival game with friend
    - 1 random guy
    - he's very mature about 18 years old
    - played a couple of rounds had a good fun time (added him to my friends list)
    - random 12 year old joins
    - starts micspamming JB
    - we autoshotty him until he's dead
    - starts screaming over the mic that he's gonna hack our accounts and gonna get us banned from all source games
    - massive 3 man teabag
    - kid rages
    - still haven't been hacked
    my friendly fire skills are awesome

  6. I've done my time
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    -Joins VS game
    -Player named TroubledSoul starts saying we suck
    -Game ends and they won barely
    -Joins our team
    -Starts talking trash saying we suck, yet we we're getting farther then he was
    - I miss a charge, TS starts going off on me
    -He fails as a Jockey and no one says anything
    -Friend misses a Boomer, you know the drill
    -Game continues (spell fail lol)
    -12 year old joins the game and emits the words "Hi guys."
    -Troubles starts going off on the kid
    -Vote kick starts on Troubled
    -Starts saying "Haha kick me you guys wont win you-"
    -Gets kicked right before finished his phrase

    It's sad how people will critize others but yet not see their own mistakes. And i do believe he was going to say faggots or pussies.

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    yea, you can mod your sensitivity. pubs are a joke tho. pretty much me and anyone ive played with has gotten accused of modding after a game, too many weak casual players around. by weak i mean weak minded. if you can't take the heat stay out the kitchen.

    im surprised they didn't send you a message and tried going back to lobby while you where reading it.

    just a side note, if you are playing a serious game don't get close to any tanks. the player could have modded sensitivity and he can hit you without swinging in your direction. i found out the hard way.
    Roger That x, TrizZy II, LeanGunnerz, Xo kdawg oX

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    I just got this one yesterday, and even though it's pretty common I'll throw it in here. I was on Dark Carnival 2 and I kept high health through a good portion of the map while killing a ton of SI. We get about 75% through when I get a message. After we got wiped by a Tank soon after I looked at it and it read, "cheating lil bitch".

    I sent him one saying, "I lol at such". They got to the Tank as Survivors, killed it as one of my "teammates" had control, and I sent a message, "oh no, my cheats are warring off". They made the map and were now winning. Amazing how they beat a cheater.

    As Infected on map 3 I got the Tank early on. I was trying to stay back to not take damage. A vote was called to kick me, I went in since it had to time out because one player was AFK. I did some serious damage before the vote timed out and I got kicked.

    So through a combination of enemies with at least the 4IQ it takes to play this game and teammates who want me to rush in as the Tank and get myself killed while they watch in spawn mode, I was kicked. I sent the same guy another message reading, "I got kicked for cheating". I didn't get anything after that. Maybe he figured it out... maybe.

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