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Thread: Needs some advice.

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    Needs some advice. Needs some advice. Needs some advice. Needs some advice.
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    Needs some advice.

    Im looking for some advice on my new video card. Currently i have a nVidia GeForce 7300 GS 512mb(overclocked) in my coustom computer. And upgrading to a nVidia geForce 8500 GT 1Gb 128-bit PCIx16 card(69.99 on My firend says that the 8500 GT 1Gb cards have problems. Im not sure about this but if there is should i down grade to a lower MB or go ahead with the 1Gb. So im looking for advice about that. So far im still going to go with the 8500 GT 1Gb card, but a little nervious about if it dosent work. reply back with any advice you have.
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