Seasonic X-Series 750W: Potent for the Price

Seasonic recently released their latest foray into the retail PSU market, the X-Series with 80 Plus Gold certification. As one of the highest efficiency power supplies on the market, the X-750 looks to provide ample power for midrange to high-end systems. Not surprisingly, the high quality design also carries a hefty price tag, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

The chief competition for the X-Series comes from Enermax with their Pro87+ and Modu87+ line. A quick look a pricing indicates Seasonic has the advantage in both availability as well as pricing, making the X-750 all the more interesting. Are you planning on building a new system with CrossFire 5870 or perhaps GTX 480? Well, GTX 480 SLI might be pushing things too far, but for just about anything else the new Seasonic X-Series PSUs are certainly worth a look.