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Thread: Dear Rooftop junkies

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcyIggy04 View Post
    Yeah, that's what I tell my 'team' to do sometimes.

    "Hey guys, they're just doing all the charger death valley areas and tossing up groups of cans! Jockey, Hunter, go distract 'em - I'll start burning up cans!" XD

    Funnily enough, in regards your run-on sentence, Super once told me "Iggy! Just punch them in the face, they only have to get in two more cans! Let the other SI distract and punch the red guys in the face - you don't need to instakill every single time!"

    And I was like "Oh? Well, everyone keeps telling me to instakill or do a set-up."

    You don't even need to have a 3-secure to spit up cans. Just distract them long enough so that they can't reach the cans in time - or alternatively, make it so that they have to worry about the SI while trying to get the cans out of spit, which is actually quite effective if done right.

    And there-in lies just one of the differences between 'good' and 'excellent' play. You have to be confident you're going to make a difference to the game whether you go for an instakill or incap. Sometimes getting a charge up top and incapping a guy or helping a spitter to burn cans is MUCH MORE HELPFUL than yet another missed freestyle charge off the roof.

    Super knows what's up...

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    Also, Wycked was commenting on how he's East Coast (and we were getting green/orange bar one minute, then redbar the next) so that must have meant the servers would be lag-free.

    I told him that was impossible since the patch hasn't been uploaded to Xbox yet. He argued that it had to have been since we were all green/orange bar.

    How's it been on your end, Hunty? You still had redbar, right?

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