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Thread: So, You Want to be a TF2 Admin...

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    So, You Want to be a TF2 Admin...
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    So, You Want to be a TF2 Admin...

    For players interested in becoming a TeamPlayer Gaming TF2 admin, here are the expectations, requirements, and basic application process. Only serious, complete applications will be considered.

    We expect you to become a regular player (a “reg”) first and foremost so that existing admins can gauge your potential. Play the game in a teamplay manner and we will notice. Use opportunities to make calls, push objectives, balance your team’s classes, and be levelheaded in your decisions and actions. Also, get a forum account, post relevant discussion topics, and reply to posts that interest you. Ideally, we prefer admin applications from reservists, who have already demonstrated their commitment to teamplay and the TPG way of doing things.

    As a prospective admin, you’ll be considered based on your ability to exemplify teamplay and communicate with your team. You should demonstrate a willingness to prime and to help balance teams. When possible, avoid team-stacking and obvious, lopsided wins. Admins are in leadership roles to help keep the gameplay smooth, balanced, and fun for everyone on the server.

    Consider this to be a real-world job application—because it is. Approach it professionally. We're not looking for people who would abuse their admin powers and actually cause us more work. In fact, doing so would get you promptly removed and possibly banned from TPG.

    Also realize that your application is not based on your time on the server, skill level, rankings, clan association, who you know, or proficiency with any particular class(es). The bottom line is that your application depends on both your leadership qualities and your decision-making abilities.

    1. Send a private message (PM) to an admin who will vouch for you. Admins are always anonymous at TPG, but if you're active in both the server and forums you should be able to figure it out.
    2. Within the PM, include your forum profile link. You must have a significant amount of quality posts to be considered. Forum activity demonstrates your active involvement within the TPG community beyond simply playing on the server.
    3. Also within the PM, include your gameME profile link from the Players section to show your play time and stats.
    You'll also need to provide some compelling reasons to join the admin team. In addition to the above info, include answers to each of the following items in your PM application:
    1. A concise bio. Not your life story, but a little background info is good.
    2. Why you're interested in becoming an admin at TPG.
    3. What makes a good admin, especially for TF2.
    4. Why you think you'd be a good admin.
    Once everything is properly submitted, your application will go through a series of votes to determine if you are a viable candidate for an admin position followed by a PM with the outcome.

    Direct any additional questions you may have that aren’t addressed here to any TF2 admin.
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