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Thread: Banned.

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    1. I think i got banned because the admin thought i wasn't following the strat on Mill earlier today, but skillkillin and me said plainly we were coming through sewers, and when he died and i didnt make it to B in time, i was slayed. I then, sounding kinda smart ass and not thinking, said im going sewers with stillkillin, did you hear me this time! I guess he thought i was going over-the-top and banned me. I really don't think it was enough a reason to get banned permanently but i was out of line i admit it.

    2.I was playing on the main css server. I don't really know, i know most of the admins, and they know I'm generally not like that. I don't know of everyone that are admins, but there were a few people syrringe some of the evo guys where there, but the admin had to be on my team and i think syrringe and manse were the only one on my team. My steam id is 0:1:19255344 if its needed for anything.

    3.As i stated in #1 i wouldn't have said those things so smart assly if i would have though about it. As most of the community that plays css knows, I'm not like that, I'm pretty easy to get along with.

    4. I apologize to the admin in charge and i promise to take a different approach and think before i speak if it happens again.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you unban me but if not, i wish the community the best of luck in the future.

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    Re: Banned.

    I was your banning admin, Faden, and you are correct. You were banned for mouthing off.

    I heard you say you were going sewers, and that's perfectly fine. The issue came when you were still in sewers, barely around the first turn, when you realized you were the only man left. So I slayed you for that. You asked "what the hell? I said I was going sewers," and I was in the middle of typing a reply, something like 'That's fine, but keep an eye on your team and the bomb next time.'

    Then, next round, you start in with 'I'm going sewers. You hear me everyone? seeeweeers. Admin, I'm going sewers, is that OK?'

    Watching the flank is fine. Not paying attention and watching the flank so long the team dies and you lose is to be avoided (hence, the slay). However, mouthing off to an admin is unacceptable. I trust it won't happen again.

    I'll put your vote up now, and I will recommend you be unbanned. The vote will last no longer than 3 days.

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    Re: Banned.

    Hey, thanks man i appreciate it, ill watch me mouth next time, and explain more reasonably.

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    Re: Banned.

    Vote was finished pretty quickly, in your favor. Ban has been lifted, PM if you have any trouble getting on.

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